Through the eyes of the gyrfalcon: information on the exhibition

The exhibition Through the eyes of the gyrfalcon was created in the Finnish Environment Institute’s project Mitigating the impacts of climate change on biodiversity in the Barents Region (BARIMS). The objective of the project is to promote regional co-operation from the viewpoints of sustainability and safeguarding biodiversity in the Barents Euro-arctic and Arctic region.

Key measures of the project

  • Collecting existing geospatial data on catchments and sea areas valuable in terms of biodiversity on pilot areas identified at the early stages of the project.
  • Seeking ways of assessing the impact of climate change on nature values, ecosystems and natural resources use on the pilot sites.
  • Identifying key measures needed to safeguard biodiversity and livelihoods dependent on nature in the Barents Euro-arctic region.

The project was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and it was completed in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment.

Exhibition team

The members of the team that planned the exhibition were Finnish Environment Institute experts and researchers Riku Lumiaro, Kirsi Kostamo, Ljudmila Vesikko, Maija Airos and Aino Lipsanen. The climate forecasts for the Barents region were produced in cooperation with Kimmo Ruosteenoja from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The sections regarding Sweden and Norway were produced in cooperation with Paul Aspholm, Lo Fischer, Eirik Frøiland and Keith Larson.

Mika Pyhähuhta, Esa Juujärvi and Jani Kaarlela from advertising agency Laboratorio Uleåborg together with Riku Lumiaro are in charge of producing the exhibition and the videos as well as for the technical implementation.

Text and images of the exhibition: Riku Lumiaro, Finnish Environment Institute.

Other images of the exhibition:

  • Gyrfalcon, rock ptarmigan and snowy owl images: Markus Varesvuo
  • Arctic fox images: Jorma Luhta, Antti Ohenoja, Poppis Suomela and Metsähallitus
  • Butterfly and bumblebee images: Jyrki Lehto and Juha Pöyry
  • Tana plant images: Henry Väre and Riku Lumiaro
  • Pink salmon images: Panu Orell Luke and Riku Lumiaro
  • Aerial photograph of a palsa mire: Timo Kumpula
  • Palsa mire images from North Inari: Rauno Ruuhijärvi and Riku Lumiaro
  • Torne salmon image: Petteri Vihervaara
  • Sharing of the powan catch: Jaakko Heikkilä

The idea for the exhibition came from Kirsi Kostamo, who also obtained the funding for it. Unfortunately, Kirsi did not get to see the completion of the work she initiated. Thanking and remembering Kirsi, the exhibition team.

Sources of the Through the eyes of the gyrfalcon exhibition

Panel discussion on the opening of the exhibition

What should we do to protect the northern nature?

Jukka Nykänen, Environmental Specialist, Regional Council of North Katrelia

Riku Lumiaro, Special Expert, Finnish Environmental Institute
Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi, Chair of the Sámi Parliament Climate Council, University of Oulu
Henni Ylänne, Research Doctor, University of Eastern Finland